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Cutting-edge training.

We specialize in the Olympic sport of fencing, are athlete-centered and welcoming to folks near and far to recreate, train and compete at our training facility in Durham, NC.

Find your people.

Welcome to our Club

Fencers are everywhere! Once you connect with this sport, it can become captivating. From ages 7 to 80+ years of age, folks train, compete and celebrate with us from all over the United States. Once you find your sport, you need a community to help you grow or sustain your skills. Highly adaptable fencers are part of our club and compete at all levels of competition. We do have more than a few things in common though…






What are others saying?


Our son first went to Forge Fencing for a fun after-school activity, but he found expert coaches he loved, a supportive community he became a part of, and now a long term passion for an exciting sport that he continues to grow in.

Exhilaration at our National Championships in 2022

Ami N.

Being a member has provided an opportunity to learn a terrific sport, meet great people, and to be a part of a wonderful community.

Learning more than just about being a great athlete

Vickie M.

Where will I fit in?

Why fence here?

Professional Staff

Led by three Fencing Masters with international coaching experience. All our staff are Safesport certified. No other club in North Carolina is led with this level of expertise.

State of the Art Facility

The facility is one of THE BEST in the United States. 16 full-size grounded strips! Opened February 2022.

Community + Results Driven

We like to win, but we also value all developmental levels in sport participation.

Where do I start?

Unlimited Group Classes for Beginners!


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