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Covid Response

Forge Fencing Academy and Club continues to monitor our community. Our guidelines and policies are based on local government mandates and USA Fencing.

  • You can participate in fencing activities with your mask OFF—but certainly don’t have to. Individual lesson students can communicate their mask preference directly with their lesson coach.
  • Mask Mandates will happen from time to time when our community is in a surge. Please check the front monitor when you arrive for changes. Members are emailed out announcements about changes.
  • Self-monitoring has been key to keeping our community safe. If you suspect you have Covid, please test.
  • We will continue to keep windows and doors open pending temperature and pollen count.
  • All of our Academy and Club staff maintain vaccination against Covid-19.
  • Our current policies for returning to fencing after a Covid exposure will be from the Center for Disease Control. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at or by phone to 919-800-7886.