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The testimonials below are pulled from Google and Facebook and highlight the supportive community, expert coaching, and quality training that make our academy a premier destination for fencers in the Raleigh-Durham region. Discover why so many fencers choose Forge Fencing as their home for personal and competitive growth.

My daughters have been fencing at Forge since 2021 when they were 9 & 8 years old and have loved every minute of it! We value and appreciate the culture they have fostered and their coaching philosophy. The children are treated well, without putting inappropriate levels of pressure and the coaches know my children and how they approach/react to situations. Most importantly, they look at the child as a whole person and not just a fencer.

I absolutely love it when I see kids finishing their homework at Forge before fencing begins & also helping each other with it. 

Being a mom of two daughters, I also value the presence of strong women role models – coaches & older student-athletes, and the efforts being put into uplifting women fencers.

We are so glad to have found this community and be a part of the “Forge Family."

Avani pendSE

Attended an orientation tonight with my 9 year old that has been begging to start fencing and I was BLOWN AWAY! Everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming. Coach Cathleen went above and beyond to show us around and introduce us to the sport. As someone who knows nothing about it, I never felt intimidated or out of place.

April Ravelli

Brilliant people, brilliant facilities, and extremely welcoming to visitors. Can't recommend enough. Thanks for having me.

Charlie Broughton

My daughter loves the club and so do I, the coaching is exceptional, everyone is warm and welcoming, and my daughter has learned so much already!

Mehrunissa Hamid Owens

My boys (twins age 9) did a week of fencing summer camp and loved it! The instructors were patient and intelligent in the way that they guided a high-energy group of kids with time for fencing, play (that worked on other coordination skills), and down time so they weren't completely frazzled by the end of a long day. I also really appreciated the coaches awareness of building character, self-control, and respect through the whole experience. We will definitely be coming back for regular lessons!

Alice Doyal

My son started fencing at Forge Fencing last year as a beginner, and has simply loved it. The coaches are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and passionate about helping people at all levels enjoy fencing.

Lisa Ford

The people are great, the venue is great, and it is run incredibly well!

Suzi Katz

Absolutely the best club in the Raleigh Durham Cary area. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

Tammy Stainback Jackson

Great fencing camp experiences! Highly recommended!

Julia Zheng

Friendly and welcoming, I'm glad I stopped in when I was in the area.

Jeff Rodachy

Friendly folks. Accessible yet rigorous training!

Emily Nisch

My husband surprised me for my birthday by booking a private session with Jeff. It was an amazing experience and allowed a bucket list item to be check off. Very informative, competitive, and active session. Jeff was a great coach and extremely helpful! Looking forward to going again!

Laura Ann

Low pressure environment. Very knowledgeable. Kids learn a lot and have fun.

Donnie Harris

This is a great fencing club with a lot of heart! My team always enjoys making the trip from Orlando to visit Mid-South Fencers! They have a great facility, caring coaches and a great team of fencers! I highly recommend Mid-South Fencers' Club to anyone looking to learn the sport.

Jenny Seachrist

My boy goes here. He matters, so I only send him to the best places. Great with kids and know their stuff. Enjoy.

Maurice Werness Jr

Excellent site for tournaments with an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff and coaches.

Mark Copeland

I just started the academy class as an adult. They have a good number of adult beginner cohorts in class.


We have had a great experience here, our kid loves it and the coaches are excellent.

Francis Ferrell

A great blend of youth and adult with a fantastic coaching staff and atmosphere.

Donn Mueller

Great space. Friendly staff and members.

Bill Karnavas

A great place for fun and exercise - a really cool sport!

Molly O'Connor

Poking people? Check. Stabby stabby? Check. Running around with pointy objects? Check. This place has it all from youth, adults, and veterans. If you're looking to enclose your 2 acre back lawn with chain link, this is not the place to go. But if you want diverse training, unique fitness options, and meeting great people, start at Forge Fencing Academy and Club. Never tried fencing before? It doesn't matter! This club has classes for everyone! Beginner classes, great coaches, equipment for everyone, competitive options, MTV's Dan Cortese (ok, maybe not that), but it's a solid place to start, continue and pursue your Olympic fencing dreams!

Gerhard Guevarra

Forge Fencing Academy & Club offers excellent sports facilities. The courts are well-maintained, and the club provides all the necessary equipment. They also have leagues and tournaments for players who want to compete. It's a great club for sports enthusiasts.

Emily Myers

Excellent place to learn fencing, one of the most intriguing sports around.

Dean Woodward

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