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High Performance

We value drive.

Features and Services

  • Coaches are full-time professional fencing coaches devoted to you and your team’s development.
  • Expect coaches to meet with you 1:1 to answer simple and hard questions year-round.
  • Our professional staff stay current and are active nationally and internationally. We work to be consultants on your competitive journey.
  • Customized training options vary depending on competitive growth stage, personal goals, and other team affiliations. The base fee is $265 per month. Plans must be customized with a coach before training begins and are evaluated bi-annually. Practice schedules varies based on your High Performance Level.
  • Projected timeline pathways and video review of improvement plan for potential club transfers are available on request.
  • A designated Travel Team Coordinator assists with tournament organization and planning year-round.
  • Access to the Forge network of services, including our injury prevention and sport performance program in coordination with WEASK is available year-round.

How it works …

We scout potential and internal motivation. Our core values are: community, perseverance, resilience, accountability, and integrity.

  1. Getting Started
    So, you love fencing? No matter if you have taken one class, or have been fencing for a few years, you can start down the competitive path at anytime.
  2. Transferring Sports or Fencing Clubs
    We’ll assess your competitive experiences and work with your support network to build a development plan customized to elevate your skills and abilities.
  3. National Team and NCAA Teams Aspirations
    Our athletes are sought out by NCAA programs across the country. Our area excels nationally in academics and combined with our club’s reputation – we build strong candidates supporting outside team funnels like the NCAA and Team USA. View our results.
  4. Coach Evaluations and Goal Planning
    Launching athletes for a better quality of life is our passion. We’ll help you stay focused towards a door-opening life experience.

“There will be multiple times on the road to success where you are challenged, but what is most important is understanding challenges or setbacks are just speed bumps on that road to success. This applies for fencers at every level and it will be in the back of my mind at all times next year while I am practicing and competing at the next level.”

– Matthew Chaves, student-athlete for Brandeis University ’27

Build your competitive season now.

Immerse yourself in the competitive fencing world! It starts with curiosity and conversation. Email to setup a call or in person consultation.

Plan your fencing future today.

Families work with our coaches to optimize potential and help balance school, family, and competing with your goals. Most families don’t understand the opportunities through our program until they start participating. We encourage goal evaluations twice a year and open communication.

Jump Start – Competition planning and development starts here with a training outline. We help you set your 1-3 year goals and start the process. Athletes may still be in the Learning to Train stage of athlete development as they transition out of the Academy. Here they are competing at the local an regional level with the process goals of attending certain flagship events like the Summer Nationals Championships or Junior Olympics.

Working Teams – National competitive athletes create mini-training groups for the Youth, Cadet and Junior levels. Small Group Tactical practices form based on ratings, competitive experience, age and gender. Fencers who are building their competitive skills with clear goals and objectives are at this level. Here athletes are committed to national competition, 2-3 individal lessons weekly and have clear process and performance goals.

Customized Training – This level is for the highest level of national and international competitor. This is for an athlete working within multiple teams for specific result outcomes. We have an international network of clubs and coaches to help support the biggest dreams.

Start planning for your competitive journey today!

We’ll help put together a customized plan for your athlete and help start them on one of the most rewarding journeys in their lifetime development.

  • High Performance planning can begin as early as age 7.
  • Internal motivation can shift at any age, but must be cultivated by the training environment.
  • Potential is built when combined with experience and confidence.
  • Many parents underestimate their child’s sport potential and need help understanding how to evaluate opportunities.