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Individual Lessons

Fencing is a specialized sport with many fine, precise movements that require attention to positive practice methods and good technique. Individual lessons are the best way to refine technique and build on instruction from group lessons. Weekly lessons can drastically increase the application of fencing skills that quickly turn into increased joy of fencing participation.

There is no correct order or time in which to begin participation in lessons, tournaments or open bouting. Much depends on the age and interest level of the fencer, family budget, and competitive desires.

Joy in training comes when skill learned is applied and results improve.

Benefits of starting individual lessons include:

  • one-on-one attention of coach
  • scheduling flexibility
  • rapid growth in new skills
  • increase in self awareness
  • increase in focus/attention span
  • increase in joy of participation

When an athlete decides to train as a competitor, the benefits of taking regular lessons, alongside competing and regular training classes, can include:

  • feelings of great accomplishment
  • feeling of being connected to something greater than one’s self
  • increase in self-esteem
  • increase in ability to connect to a greater world (ex. NCAA school recruitment, national and international travel)
  • greater understanding of how to problem-solve
  • increase in time management skills

Individual lessons are by Appointment and vary by coach as to location.

Please visit our Online Store for more options, including booking recurring lessons as well as purchasing bundled lesson cards for our members.

Member Individual Lesson Pricing:

$200 for six 20 minutes lessons bundled/$300 for six 30 minutes lessons bundled.

Non-Member Individual Lesson Pricing:

$60 per half hour lesson — $240 for six 20 minutes lessons bundled/$360 for six 30 minute lessons bundled

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