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Historical Program Safety Policy


All participants are expected to utilize proper gear, in full working order and in accordance with the HEMA Alliance Safety Policy, at all times. Staff reserve the right to forbid the use of equipment they deem unsafe.

Participant expectations:

A safe martial arts environment requires all participants to actively work together to ensure continued safety and comfort for both themselves and others.

Safety is the ability to participate without risk of undue physical or emotional harm.

Comfort is the ability to participate without risk of undue physical or emotional pain.

In order to ensure the safety and comfort of all fencers, all participants are expected to abide by “the five Cs“:

  • Consent: No fencer will be compelled to engage in activities where they are not comfortable, or where they do not feel they can participate safely. Understand and work within your fencing partners’ abilities, preferences, and limits.
  • Courtesy: Every fencer will be treated with respect and empathy. Respect the wishes of your fencing partners with regard to their safety and comfort.
  • Compliance: All friendly martial arts activities require participants to work within established bounds. Do not exceed agreed-upon levels of force, intensity, or resistance.
  • Control: Fencers must know and work within their own limits to ensure a safe fencing environment for all participants. Only perform techniques that you can execute in a manner that is safe and comfortable for both you and your partners.
  • Communication: Safety and comfort of participants relies on frequent and open communication. Communicate with your fencing partners prior to, during, and after engagements to ensure that all participants’ needs are being met.

Fencers who fail to abide by these principles may be asked to sit out of activities or leave the training session. Our staff and instructors reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to require participants to cease participation or depart the premises at any time.

If you experience or witness a violation of this policy, contact any member of the Forge staff so that we may address the violation.