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Start Fencing Today!

Explore The Academy program with a 10 day trial membership for $25.

Welcome to Forge Fencing Academy!

Getting Started…

Our skilled coaches make it easy for you to get started fencing. Explore learning the foil, epee’, and saber in a fun and supportive environment. The Academy program offers unlimited group classes per month, multiple levels of class progression, and complimentary equipment use

Program Highlights:
  • Programs for youth (ages 8-14) and Teens & Adult (ages 14+)
  • Unlimited group classes to explore all three Olympic-style weapons
  • Month-to-month membership, no annual contract

Fall 2023 Schedule

The schedule below starts Monday, August 21, 2023. We are currently concluding our Summer Schedule through August 19th, please check the online calendar if questions.

Youth Academy Level 1 Classes

Mondays5:00-6:00pmYouth Academy Level 1 (Ages 8-14)
Wednesdays4:30-5:00pmNew Fencer Orientation
Wednesdays5:00-6:00pmYouth Academy Level 1 (Ages 8-14) 
Saturdays9:00-10:00amYouth Academy Level 1 (Ages 8-14) 
New fencers with no prior experience start out in Level 1. Tuition is $165 per month, students can attend unlimited classes and we provide all the equipment. Students are typically in Level 1 for 2 to 3 months before advancing to Level 2. Fencers without prior experience are encouraged to attend a New Fencer Orientation session prior to their first class. Level 1 Membership Signup

Youth Academy Level 2 Classes

Mondays6:00-7:20pmYouth Academy Level 2 (Ages 8-14)
Wednesdays5:30-6:50pmYouth Academy Level 2 (Ages 8-14)
Fridays5:30-6:50pmYouth Academy Level 2 (Ages 8-14)
Saturdays10:30-11:50amYouth Academy Level 2 (Ages 8-14)
Students who have completed Level 1, or completed one of our “Learn to Fence!” camps are eligible to join Level 2 classes. Tuition is $185 per month, students can attend unlimited classes and we provide all the equipment. Level 2 Membership Signup

Youth Academy Level 3 Classes

Tuesdays5:00pm-7:00pmYouth Academy Level 3 (Saber/Foil)
Thursdays5:00pm-7:00pmYouth Academy Level 3 (Saber/Foil)
Youth Level 3 Academy is our pre-competitive development program. Tuition is $265 per month, students have access to unlimited Academy classes (including all Level 2 classes and games/games/games), and includes 2 individual lessons with a coach per month. Students must have completed the Level 2 course prior to enrollment and have their own electric fencing equipment. Level 3 Membership Signup

Teen & Adult Academy Classes

Mondays7:00-8:00pmTeen & Adult Academy (Saber)
Mondays8:00-9:00pmLongsword & Historical Fencing
Wednesdays6:00-7:00pmFit for Fencing
Wednesdays7:00-8:00pmTeen & Adult Academy (Epee’)
Fridays6:30-7:00pmNew Fencer Orientation
Fridays7:00-8:00pmTeen & Adult Academy (Foil)
Saturdays11:00-Noon20/20/20 Class (All Weapons)
SaturdaysNoon-1:00pmFit for Fencing
Teen & Adult Academy classes are perfect for beginning through Intermediate level fencers. Explore all three Olympic style fencing weapons, and checkout our Historical Fencing Class. Students in this program develop at their own individual pace, supported by our coaching team. Individual Lessons can be added at any time to accelerate learning. After 2 months, once you acquire your own electric fencing equipment you can add Open Bouting to your schedule at no additional charge. Monthly tuition is $185 per month and students can attend unlimited monthly classes. Teen & Adult Membership Signup


The Academy has age divided classes. We’ve partnered with Bridge II Sports and have one of the few Parfencing facilities in the United States. Academy classes meet individual needs and most activities are adaptable.


Our full-time fencing professionals are accredited by the United States Fencing Coaches Association and First-Aid/CPR/AED Certified.


We like to win, but understand age and developmentally appropriate skill progression. Consulting with families on growth and development is a two-way conversation.

En Garde…Ready…Fence!

Start Fencing Today

Explore The Academy program with a 10 day trial membership for $25. Its a great way to test readiness and to learn about our amazing community.