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Welcome to Forge Fencing!

I’ve fenced before and want to continue my training…

Memberships are flexible and designed to support competitive and recreational fencers in all three Olympic style weapons. Club memberships are designed for individuals with prior fencing experience, who own their own gear, and are pursing lifetime fencing and/or competitive goals.

New to fencing? Please check out our Academy.

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Club Membership Pricing

Travel Team

Travel Team Members are the traveling competitive group members. They are:

-Committed to our team covenants as conveyed in the Athlete Handbook. 

-Have one full year tournament experience at the local level. 

-Participating at any membership level and may associate with multiple clubs.

-Maintaining 12 months of membership at any level.

Club Schedule for Summer 2023

The schedule below starts Tuesday, May 30, 2023 and goes to Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2023. Schedule can change based on demand and holidays. Please check online calendar if questions.

High Performance Classes

Tuesdays6:30-9:30pmHigh Performance Foil/Epee/Saber
Thursdays6:30-9:30pmHigh Performance Foil/Epee/Saber
Saturdays12:00-3:00pmHigh Performance Foil/Epee/Saber

Open Fencing

Tuesdays7:30-9:30pmOpen Fencing for Foil/Epee/Saber
Thursdays7:30-9:30pmOpen Fencing for Foil/Epee/Saber
Fridays6:30-8:30pmOpen Fencing for Foil/Epee/Saber
Saturdays1:00-3:00pmOpen Fencing for Foil/Epee/Saber

Check our our online calendar and sort by program!

Welcome to NC!

New to the area and looking for a club home?

What are folks saying?


Joining the club was one of the first things we did when we moved back to Durham a few years ago so our son could continue fencing. We are so grateful that it has been a welcoming community that has consistently (even through the pandemic!) provided a safe environment for him for fitness, friendship, and mentorship.

Rebecca B.

Through fencing, our kid has discovered her voice, her resilience, her power, her community, and her identity. (And winning a ton of medals has been awesome too!) 

Alice B.

When I moved to NC four years ago, I visited all of the local epee-friendly clubs. The camaraderie and teamwork at Forge made me choose it as my new club. The excellent coaching and competitive bouting kept me there. My fencing has improved greatly with the help of Forge’s staff and my teammates, leading me to many Top 8 finishes at tournaments. Thank you, Forge!

Lauren D.