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Women’s saber team from across the USA



Open bouting times are where our greater community works together to hone their skills, train for the next competition, and socialize. Other club members are welcome as long as you follow to our behavioral guidelines. Purchase an open bouting session here. Check the calendar to see when bouting happens next…

Epee Team

WITH Coaches Stephen, Caroline, Polo, Vince and Jeff

Multi-Coach Developmental Program

Our epee program has a young youth core, and a strong teen and adult competitive team. Epee has a large variety of levels and abilities practicing together. Most of our national competitive fencers train with individual lessons and an open bouting membership combination.

Foil Team

WITH Coaches Vince, Mike, Cathleen, Jen and Stephen

Multi-Coach Developmental Program

New coach coming soon! Stay tuned as we evolve to a full-size 3 weapon competitive club.

Saber Team

WITH Coaches Jeff, Cathleen, Tyler, and Jen

Multi-Coach Developmental Program

Our saber program is our most evolved and developed program incorporating competitive Youth, Cadet, Junior and Veteran teams. An evaluation lesson is the best way to find your fit in this group.

Athens Greece World Cup March 2020.
Referee Sean Shumate and Mia Ives-Rublee at the World Championships in 2014.

Adapted (Para)Fencing


Collaborative Training

This is a joint effort with Forge TEAMS and Bridge II Sports. A quarterly intro class is open to anyone interested in learning more about adapted fencing. Those interested in training regularly can easily integrate with weapon specific practices throughout the week. Check us out at the Valor Games 2023.

Division 1


Collaborative Training

In collaboration with Forge TEAMS, join an athlete-centered approach to regional training for those aspiring to the highest level competition. Training for national events happens year-round.

Individual vs. Group Training

Specialized Coaching staff

As fencers advance, having working relationships with like teammates and coaches elevate tactical problem solving skills while working toward peak performances. Small group tactical work is part of the High Performance program.

Many newer competitive fencers start out with weekly lessons, more advanced fencers with specific performance goals may schedule multiple individual lessons a week with a designated coach, or meet in specialized small training groups.

We welcome collaborate work with other clubs respectful of professional boundaries and who understand the sacredness of the coaching profession and its impact on athletic development.


Meet the Leadership Core


Coach Jen

  • Experienced Team USA coach and athlete
  • Maitre d’Arms internationally accredited
  • Social Innovator and Mentor

Coach Jeff

  • Advanced knowledge of international fencing
  • Maitre d’Sabre internationally accredited


Coach Cathleen

  • Extensive education and non-profit experience
  • Lifelong competitor and coach
  • Experienced High School Fencing coach
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Frequently asked Questions

Are there scholarships available?

We are working with Forge TEAMS to develop an equitable way to support all the stages of development through sport. If you are experiencing hardship, please contact one of the Leadership Core members. The Durham Sports commission offers $200 scholarships for up to five of our memberships annually offsetting costs related to local non-profit organizations. This could include USA Fencing memberships or programs affiliated with Forge Teams.

I am visiting from another area, what do I need to bring?

Please bring your own gear if possible. We do have some gear folks can borrow. Please register for Open Bouting before you arrive under Boost Your Training! Double check the calendar, especially around around holidays, to confirm your weapon’s schedule.

Is there a way I can get an evaluation lesson before joining?

YES. Please sign up here. If you don’t see the coach you want to meet available, please email us. After your lesson, you can join the appropriate practices free for one week.