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Thanks for being a FORGEer

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We just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU.

As we approach our one year anniversary of opening this marvelous, dedicated fencing facility, we know we wouldn’t be here without you.

The idea of what it means to FORGE has grown to become 64 Academy members and 107 Club fencers and competitors. We have three full-time coaches and 7 part-time coaches specializing in all three of the Olympic-style weapons. We even have a Longsword specialist! 

The idea in creating FORGE is knowing the strength of the community develops in full force with a bit of heat and strife. Working together through hard stuff, communicating, and lifting the whole community up, one by one, lifts us all. 

Thank you for reading our newsletters, engaging on our social media, and being open and communicating. Thank you for donating to Forge TEAMS, volunteering, offering feedback and asking hard questions. 

We are here to service, facilitate and support your process of excelling and developing as a human being. Fencing interconnects a complex, diverse and competitive world. Our medium for community and individual growth happens to be through sport fencing. 

Coach Jen and the FORGE staff

New Coach Vince and Forge Foil
Forge TEAMS Teen Leadership

NC Epee
Youth Epee
Women’s Saber Team
Summer 2022

Coach Offut and Oldham leading group instruction at FORGE.
Coach Jeff working with Franklin at a Region 6 event.
NC Priority On Youth