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Announcing Forge Academy Tournaments

We are pleased to announce a series of Academy Tournaments for Forge Fencing Academy Members will less than two years of competitive fencing experience.

Our next event will be help on Sunday, August 14th. This tournament is separated out by weapon, and age groups. USA Fencing utilizes birth-year to determine the athlete’s age eligibility for events and we will follow this format. Schedule for May 15th is as follows:

Arrival Time: 10:00am Youth 10 & Youth 12 Saber, Youth 10 & Youth 12 Epee’
Arrival Time: Noon Youth 10 & 12 Foil
Arrival Time: 2:00pm Youth 14 Saber, Youth 14 Foil, & Youth 14 Epee’

The goal of these events are to provide a FUN and exciting introduction to the fencing competition experience. Fencers will learn the basics of a fencing tournament as well as gain experience in a competition-style event. The Forge Coaching Staff will guide the athletes and parents through the process, explain how tournaments work, and provide an outstanding learning experience. 

The emphasis on these events is on experience and not on results. All participates will receive a sticker for their participation. The goal of these events is to help normalize competition feelings for fencers and parents in order to help them navigate the physical and mental components needed to be a healthy competitor.

More information and registration go here.   Cost is $25 per student. Please register early to help with planning.