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Taiji @ Forge Fencing

Join us as we welcome Gabe StClair to Forge Fencing for a special session of Taiji (Tai Chi). Gabe will be leading the Taiji sessions on Monday mornings beginning April 4th and concluding on May 23rd. Classes run from 10am until 11am, no prior experience is necessary. Class is open to the public. Not a Forge Fencing member? Email for registration information.

Instructor: Gabe StClair, Double Dragon Alliance Taiji Coach. Student of Master Rose Oliver.

This form reflects the lineage of Master Dong Ying Jie, from his teacher Yang Cheng Fu and influence from the Li family’s forms, (from whom some of the more circular nature of the form emanated); through to Master Dong Bin’s teachers: Masters Dong Shi Zuo and Yue Huan Zhi; and then from Master Dong Bin to Double Dragon Alliance instructors, Masters Wang Ming Bo and Rose Oliver; and finally to their Shanghai and overseas students and disciples.

The form features the oft omitted linking moves that thread together each of the standard Yang Family Style fixed postures, making a rich tapestry of the form, rather than a more one dimensional series of postures. ~Master Rose Oliver