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Ryder Cup RYC ’22 Wrap Up & Thanks!

Junior Women’s Saber Finalists

The return of the Ryder Cup RJCC and ROC was February 25-27th, 2022 after a two year Covid delay.  It was the inaugural event for the new Forge Fencing Academy and Club space and it felt great to host tournaments again.  We stress-tested a 13-day old facility and learned how to maximize its use. Thank you all who attended and offered feedback on how to optimize the space!

There was definite excitement for seeing people in Region 6 we hadn’t seen in TWO YEARS!  We’d like to additionally thank The Darwin Family, our tournament staff, team, and visiting club families from VA, GA, FL, MD, SC and NC. 

Let’s give applause 👏🏽 for the medalists in all events.  As a team, Forge fencers represented well:

  • Anna Schikore WON the Junior Women’s Saber
  • Cathleen Randall WON the Veteran Women’s Saber
  • Coach Jeff Kallio WON the Veteran Men’s saber
  • Matthew Chaves WON the Div II Men’s saber
  • Matthew Chaves SILVER for Junior Men’s saber
  • Carl Badger SILVER for Veteran Men’s saber
  • Tammy Jackson BRONZE for Veteran Women’s Epee
  • Elina Wunnava BRONZE for Cadet Women’s saber
  • Tyson Deck BRONZE for Cadet Men’s saber
  • Anna Schikore BRONZE for Div II Women’s saber
  • Keith Cochran BRONZE for Veteran Men’s Epee
  • James Dobbins and Joe McLaughlin BRONZE for Veteran Men’s saber

Full results are available here.

For those of you who don’t know, Ryder was one of Coach Jen’s very first students. He was a national medalist and worked hard particularly his Junior and Senior years of High School. He moved to Durham to train more seriously and earned his A in his senior year. He was really known as being a great teammate and worked hard.  The Ryder Cup’s theme is about community and teammates and how valuable they are… take a moment to appreciate each other and know what special past teams you are connected with for a lifetime. Teammates matter! 

Thank you Downtown Durham, Inc. , Durham Sports Commission and Durham Bulls Baseball Club for helping get us back in the game. Check out our story on Instagram @forge.fencing for fun videos and great memories!