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Ryder Cup Memorial ROC/RJCC

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Forge Fencing Academy & Club is proud to announce the 2022 Ryder Cup Memorial RJCC & ROC featuring Division 2, Veteran, Cadet, and Junior in both Epee’ and Saber Olympic styles of fencing. Registration via the USA Fencing Tournament Portal HERE.

The Venue

The Ryder Cup in 2022 will take place at the newest Region 6 Competition Venue. This is new facility with a scheduled completion date of February 1, 2022. Expect us to be putting the finishing touches on a state of the art facility with the latest floor technology system from Radical Fencing. All profits from this event will go to support this new facility.

The 2022 event will be run by Forge Fencing Academy and Club and the new location is in close proximity to a welcoming downtown for dining, shopping, and entertainment with many chain and boutique hotel options within walking distance. To learn more about our unique city head to Discover Durham. Please note, this weekend Durham will also host the ACC Fencing Championships. Book your room early!

Competing in the time of Covid

Our competition will comply with all USA Fencing Guidelines & Policies regarding Covid-19 and local requirements. Pre-registered athletes will be receiving regular communication from our tournament staff about procedures and expectations.

Forge Fencing Academy & Club Conduct Standards

Our competition will strictly adhere to USA Fencing Codes of Conduct, as well as SafeSport Guidelines including MAAP resources. In addition, our tournament has a specific set of guidelines outlined below. Every individual within our facility is expected to be familiar with, and adhere to these behavior expectations:

  • Show encouragement to all fencers.
  • Keep comments positive.
  • Respect personal and professional boundaries of fencers, referees and coaches by providing space and keeping safe distances away from the fencing floor.
  • Allow coaches and team leaders to coach, support and give advice to their fencers.
  • Volunteer if you want to be more involved: bout committee, food runs, photography or becoming an armorer are just a few ways our community can be supported.
  • Leave officiating to the officials.
  • Avoid or ignore drama and unnecessary controversy that is unproductive.
  • Help make our events a positive experience for us all.
  • Report disruptions of these agreements to any tournament staff member.

About Ryder Darwin

On behalf of our community, we would like to thank everyone for supporting this event. This tournament is held in honor of Ryder Darwin, a founding member of Mid-South Fencers’ Club who tragically lost his life at the age of 21. He was a 3 time national medalist, a beloved friend, and drawn to fencing for the personal challenges offered to him by participation. This event began in 2014 as a way to honor his life and we are proud to offer the 2022 Ryder Cup as part of USA Fencing’s Regional Circuit. Email for questions or concerns.