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Forge Vets Shine at January NAC

Forge Fencing represented at the January North American Cup (NAC) in San Jose, CA this past weekend. Veteran fencers (adult fencers ages 40 and up) took the stage in all three weapons throughout the weekend along with Senior (ages 13 and above) team members.

Highlights of Forge at the January NAC (San Jose) focused on Vet Power!

Lauren Dunseath finished in 6th place in Veteran 40 Women’s Epee. This was Lauren’s FIRST Veteran event at the national level, and her first podium finish in the “Vets.”

In Veteran 40 Men’s Saber, Coach Jeff Kallio earned a SILVER medal and Coach Stephen Pashby finished 7th place.

Joe McLaughlin made his FIRST national event podium finish in his debut Veteran 70 Men’s Saber event. He finished a strong 7th place and earned an “E24” rating.

Coach Stephen Pashby for a 6th place podium finish in Veteran 40 Men’s foil for his second medal of the weekend. This was in addition to his consistent coaching presence.

Coach Jeff Kallio concluded the NAC with his second SILVER medal of the weekend, in Veteran Combined Men’s Saber.

The rest of the crew — Vets Erica Julien and Annette Moore, and Senior fencers Matthew Chaves and Sky Miller — also represented well. Full results of the January NAC (San Jose) can be seen here.

The Forge Foil & Epeé team as a whole put in a ton of work this past weekend, and the team support of everyone (foil, saber, and epeé) was awesome. Huge shoutout of appreciation to everyone that cheered, supported, texted, and in general sent the positive vibes. We are proud of these Veterans , all of our adult fencers, and the strength of the Forge community.

Interested in joining adult programs at Forge Fencing? Find out more about our Teen & Adult Academy program or check out our calendar. We look forward to seeing you fence!

Coach Stephen Pashby with Forge teammates Lauren Dunseath and Annette Moore