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Capitol Clash 2024 ReCap

14 Forge athletes traveled to National Harbor, Maryland over the weekend to compete in what is billed as the “World’s Largest Youth Fencing Tournament.” This was the 14th iteration of this perennial event, and the Forge Team trekked up to compete in youth foil, epeé, and saber, and in regional cadet events for epeé and saber.

There were a number of notable achievements by the team. Cadel Henry earned his first national points in Y-12 Men’s Saber, Tyson Deck earned a top 16 finish in Cadet Saber, and Jacqueline Halley earned a top 16 in Y-8 Foil. This was the first “Clash” where Forge has fielded athletes in foil, epeé, and saber. Special shoutout to all our fencers who participated in their first “Super Youth Circuit.” The Forge Travel team is headed next to Fredericksburg, VA for the Fairfax Challenge the weekend January 19-21.

The coaches appreciate the support they and the fencers received. For all that you do, Forge Families, we thank you! You can checkout the full results page HERE.

Team Results

Saturday January 13, 2024
Y-14 Men’s Saber
HENRY CadelFinished 137 of 185
Y-14 Men’s Épée
ROBERTS PhoenixFinished 115 of 190
Y-10 Women’s Foil
SOMAN NabhaFinished 68 of 73
Sunday January 14, 2024
Cadet Men’s Épée
DONNELLY EnzoFinished 131 of 151, earned points
ROBERTS PhoenixFinished 147T of 151, earned points
Y-14 Women’s Saber
HUANG NeilaFinished 80T of 131
WILFRET KaterinaFinished 112T of 131
Y-8 Women’s Foil
HALLEY JacquelineFinished 13 of 20
Cadet Men’s Saber
DECK TysonFinished 19 of 172, earned points
FRUTH EvanFinished 83 of 172, earned points
SLEP SolomonFinished 81T of 172, earned points
SUN ZiyaoFinished 41 of 172, earned points
Monday January 15, 2024
Y-12 Men’s Saber
HENRY CadelFinished 51 of 148, earned points
MOORE BlaiseFinished 72 of 148
Y-12 Women’s Foil
SOMAN IndraaFinished 111T of 117
Cadet Women’s Saber
HUANG NeilaFinished 44 of 108, earned points
WILFRET KaterinaFinished 86 of 108, earned points
WUNNAVA ElloraFinished 41 of 108, earned points