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Priority on Youth Points Update

35 fencers from 3 different clubs across North Carolina came together at Forge Fencing for the 4th iteration of our 2023-2024 season Priority on Youth Tournament Series. You can checkout the full results on here. Special shoutout to our Forge Teams Teen Leaders for assisting by helping officiate, coach, and run the bout committee. Our finalé event + PIZZA PARTY and Prize Table is June 15th-16th weekend; registration is live on

Here is the points breakdown by event and weapon, and how many points each athlete earned last weekend.

Here is the total points ranking so far, which is sorted by the “sum of bests,” which is each athlete’s cumulative point values of their best point result from each tournament date:

Teen Leaders Bennett and Ava checking in Youth 12 Saber fencers prior to the pool round.

In order to be eligible to select a prize from our famous POY prize table, athletes need to have competed in at least 4 out of the 5 tournament dates, and we take their top 4 BEST results towards their final Prize Table Points list. Here is the list of everyone who is currently eligible, or at least needs to fence the final event to complete their necessary point values.

Our prize table from last season. Our favorite part is seeing the items that each athlete selects. Evan choose the “Mystery Box”.