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Teen Leadership & Senior Salute

Forge Teams‘ last Teen Leadership meeting of the year on June 10th celebrated the accomplishments of our Teen Leaders, saluted our graduating seniors, trained for summer camp leadership, ate pizza, and planned for ways to increase outreach and build community next season!

Teen Leaders who were elevated in the group, exemplifying Forge Teams core values included:

Ari Etin – Community

Matthew Chaves – Integrity

Tyson Deck – Perseverance

Ava Ellis-Furlong – Accountability

Phoebe Todd – Resilience

Coach Jen explained these core values and how each of our Teen Leaders had demonstrated their value in action over this past year.

In addition, Forge Teen Leaders who contributed their fencing community were honored with a service award:

Justin Mol – Carrboro High School

Aiden Cohlmeyer – Forge Armory

Phoenix Roberts – The School for Creative Studies

Graduating seniors also were honored with a group salute. We thank them for

Mack Bertrand – Durham Tech

Matthew Chaves – Brandeis University

Gavin Clark — The University of the South (Sewanee)

Sophia Crowder – University of Virginia

Evan Dysart-Chappell – NC State University

Kevin Kappes – t.b.a.

Will Mueller – NC State University

Phoebe Todd  – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Nate Zaytseva – Elon College

A special shout out went to Phoebe Todd and Matthew Chaves.  Matthew will be fencing as part of Brandeis’ fencing team next season, and Phoebe will be trying out for the UNC squad.  Their contributions have been significant and the entire Forge team will miss them. Their fencing journey will continue at Summer Nationals and beyond!

This year’s Teen Leaders also reflected on this year’s learning and how they would like to extend Forge Teams values into the fencing club and wider community next year.   They have terrific energy and insight – we are looking forward to their continued leadership!