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Priority on Youth Season Finalé

Forge Fencing’s Priority on Youth Season will wrap up on June 3rd and June 4th, 2022. Young athletes from all over North Carolina have been been participating in events this season, and we have 100 athletes that have earned points onto our Priority on Youth Points list this season! Our Finalé event will include youth fencing events, a PIZZA PARTY, and Prize Table selection based on number of points earned.

The Updated TOTAL Points List

This is the total list of each athlete who has participated all season, and the points they have earned for each event. The rankings are sorted by the “Sum of Bests,” which is their single top points from each tournament weekend.

The Prize Table List!

This list shows all the athletes that have participated in 3 or 4 of our Priority on Youth tournament weekends. Athletes have to compete in a minimum of 4 out of 5 tournament dates throughout the season to be eligible to pick a prize from the prize table. The athlete’s top 4 points results will count towards the final prize table ranking. We will calculate the final totals immediately following the events on Saturday and Sunday, and have the updated ranking ready for our Finalé Party @ 5pm on Sunday, June 4th. All participants of our POY series and their families are welcome to attend and celebrate the conclusion of this years tournament season.

We look forward to this last event of the season! Mark your calendar! The final pizza party and prize table selections start at 5pm on Sunday, June 4th after the final tally.