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2022-2023 Season Finisher!

Forge is pleased to share national recognition of Forge members’ accomplishments from 2022-2023 season.

Region 6 Patch Winners

Receiving a patch recognizes the most successful Youth, Cadet and Junior fencers in each of the six fencing regions and are based on each fencer’s performance at regional tournaments.  Read more about this program here. Congratulations Forge fencers:

  • Qianhao Franklin Chou — Y10MS GOLD
  • Nora Xie — Y14WS SILVER
  • Anna Schikore — JNRWS BRONZE
Franklin shows off his Gold Patch

Region 6 Points End of Season Standings

In addition to our Regional Patch winners, these Forge fencers finished in the top 20 on the Region 6 points standings for the 2022-2023 season:

  • Simone Sirota – Y10WS 17th
  • Cadel Henry – Y12MS 17th
  • Katya Wilfret – Y12WS 10th
  • Neila Huang – Y14WS 10th
  • Caroline Wang – Y14WS 18th
  • Solomon Slep – Y14MS 5th
  • Bennett Crain – Y14MS 16th

Junior and Cadet patch are awarded according to the regional point standings immediately following the conclusion of the Junior Olympics. Congratulations to:

  • Matthew Chaves – JRMS 3rd
  • Tyson Deck –  CDTMS 5th; JRMS 8th
  • Justin Mol – JRMS 19th
  • Ziyao (Josh) Sun – JRMS 6th
  • Phoebe Todd – JRWS 17th
  • Nora Xie – CDTWS 12th; JRWS 6th

2022-23 Absolute Fencing Gear All-Academic Team

2023 USA Fencing High School All-American Program

USA Fencing and Absolute Fencing Gear partnered to recognize young fencers who have excelled in high school with All-Academic Team honors.  The USA Fencing High School All-American program recognizes athletes pursuing academics as one of the best high school fencers in the country. In addition to their superior skills in the sport, All-Americans exhibit excellent leadership and sportsmanship.  Tyson Deck made the Second Team in both!

Tyson Deck, Second Team All-Academic Team and Second Team High School All-American Team

2023 Summer National Championships and July Challenge Results

Sixteen competitors and coaches Jen, Jeff, and Stephen represented Forge at the 2023 Summer National Championships in Phoenix, AZ June 30th-July 9th.  Phoenix was HOT but the Forge team was on fire!

Coach Jeff Kallio finished 2nd with in the VET40 men’s saber National Championships – second only to 20-time national champion Ivan Lee OLY.  Coach Stephen Pashby finished 3rd in the VET40 MF and Erica Julien 8th in VET70 WS.  Stephen also earned his B rating in foil.

Graduating senior, and Forge Teams leader, Matthew Chaves experiences victory at SN 2023.

Phoebe Todd and Ava Ellis-Furlong had their best national finishes to date. Phoebe was 29th in Div 2 WS and Ava 64th. Solomon Slep competed in his first national event and went 4-2 in pools … only to lose his first DE 15-14 (it happens).  Nora Xie and Annette Moore also experienced their first Summer Nationals. Franklin Chou, our last fencer, on the last day, went 4-2 in pools and won his first DE. 

Leadership Recognized

Sky Miller, currently a rising senior competing for Northwestern University, inspired her home team by finishing 12th place in Division I women’s saber.  Coach Jen received recognition for being a mentor in the first-ever USA Fencing women’s mentorship program.  Coach Jen was matched with Coach Annamaria McGill Lu, founder of Fence St. Louis. Coach Jen also was accepted into the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP) and will be taking a three week sabbatical this fall in order to work with international coaches supporting Olympic solidarity.

Sky Miller surrounded by her Forge teammates.
Graduating senior, and Forge Teams leader, Phoebe Todd, reflects on this year’s summer nationals experience and what it meant to her.

Thanks to all members of the Team and their families for their support over the past season. Read about our High Performance program here and thanks for following and liking us on Facebook and Instagram!