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Academy Levels Introduced

Coach Vince here! This is my first post and it’s been a great three months at Forge. I’ve been given the freedom and challenge of building a youth foil program from the ground up, and I’m very happy with the growth of the program (and each student’s growth within the program). The first Priority on Youth tournament showed their progress in spades! 

The Forge Priority On Youth series is the longest running youth development tournament in North Carolina. This season included youth events in foil and epee as well as saber. Pictured above are epee fencers from the Y-14 event.

Beginner fencers are my favorite level to work with. They come in with such energy and enthusiasm. I love to take that energy and run with it, shaping them into sword fighters along the way.

The passion of the coaches here at Forge has bowled me over. I came from a much bigger club, and it’s taken me a while to adjust. The coaches here really do discuss the progress of each and every one of the students, how they’re fitting in, if anything can be done for them, and what, if any, adjustments need to be made. It’s really special. I’m lucky to be a part of it.

New Forge Youth Academy Level 1 Study Guide

As Forge evolves, I am happy to make this first contribution to our Academy progression:


It’s written with YAL1 students in mind. Please take a moment to read and have your fencer go over the material with you. Once your fencer understands and is able to demonstrate the concepts in this study guide, they will be eligible to attend Youth Academy Level II classes.

Youth Academy Level 2 is about Choosing Your Weapon(s)

Level 1 introduces fencing via the weapon of foil. At the YAL2 level, all classes are “weapon-specific.” That is, the class is taught as either a foil, an epee, or a saber class. Once they’ve learned the basics outlined in the Study Guide link above, and have purchased their basic equipment, your child can attend any YAL2 class. This allows them to try out all three Olympic fencing weapons and eventually decide which one they will pursue. Some kids like to stick with foil, others change over to saber, and others change over to epee. It’s all good!

Transitioning to Forge Academy Level 2

We understand that scheduling and availability may play a role in the decision making process. There is no rush! Your child can continue to attend Level 1 classes while “dropping in” to YAL2 weapon-specific classes to try them out. Once they’ve made their decision, and your schedule opens up, they can switch to the weapon-specific class of their choice. Our calendar is updated regularly and you can select Academy as an option to make it more easy to read. We add new classes frequently and make adjustments to accommodate membership growth typically in September, January, and June.

Coach Vince with Priority On Youth foil fencers from across North Carolina.

Individual Lesson Training

Finally, many students, after attending a tournament, find their motivation and commitment level has increased. If your child is ready for more, we encourage you to enroll them in ongoing 1:1 lessons. An individual lesson punch card is available for purchase. This is a 20 minute one-on-one with a coach. Each lesson is tailored to that individual student’s level and needs. In order to schedule a lesson email Let him know an available window or two in your schedule, and he will follow up with you. Usually private lessons are scheduled around the times your student will be attending classes, either right before or right after, for the sake of convenience.

Thanks for being part of the Forge Fencing Family!


Coach Vince